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Understanding the present - 1

1 Which is it?

Look at these sentences. Which ones are present continuous (write 'PC') and which ones are present simple (write 'PS')?


1 He's learning to drive.
2 I don't like coffee.
3 What does she do?
4 You aren't listening to me!
5 They live in Belfast.
6 She's wearing a green skirt.
7 Water freezes at 0°C.
8 I'm meeting her tomorrow afternoon.
9 Our flight leaves at 9 o'clock.
10 I usually finish work at five thirty.
11 He's telephoning his sister.

2 How the present is used

How do we use the present simple and the present continuous? Look at the explanations and write 'PS' or 'PC'.


1 For actions which are happening over a long period of time.
2 For future plans.
3 For talking about timetables.
4 For everyday habits.
5 For general truths, or facts.
6 For describing people.
7 For likes and dislikes.
8 For actions which are happening now.
9 For 'states' - things which do not change.

3 Present time words

Write 'PC' or 'PS' next to these time or frequency expressions.

1 now
2 usually
3 every day
4 this week
5 once a week
6 at the moment
7 often
8 on Monday mornings


Understanding the present - 2


4 Structure - the present continuous

Complete the sentences:


1 She ___ studying English at school.
2 They ___ visiting Glasgow on business.
3 I ___ watching TV.
4 ___ you enjoying the programme?
5 No, he ___ working at the moment.
6 ___ it raining?
7 Sorry, I can't speak now. We ___ having dinner.
8 No, they ___ staying at the hotel.


5 Structure - the present simple

Choose the correct verb:


1 He (doesn't / don't) like football.
2 I (have / has) a bath every morning.
3 Our bus (leave / leaves) at 8.30.
4 What does he (do / does)?
5 Jumbo jets (fly / flies) at 11,000 metres.
6 I (doesn't / don't) understand.
7 She (works /work) for IBM.
8 (Do / Does) they live in England?


6 Continuous or simple?

Marcel Canona is a famous footballer. He plays for Melchester United. At the moment, Marcel is standing in a street in Melchester, and he's signing autographs for his fans.

Look at this:

What does Marcel do?

He plays football for Melchester United / He's a footballer.

What's Marcel doing?

He's signing autographs.


Write two questions for each of these situations. Answer them.

Philip and Maria work at NatWest Bank in Blackpool. They're bank clerks. They're sitting in Maria's car at the moment and they're listening to the radio.


Q1: ___________________________________ ?


A1: ___________________________________ .

Q2: ___________________________________ ?


A2: ___________________________________ .


Shelley's a computer programmer. She lives in Seattle. She's on holiday in Europe at the moment and she's visiting the Eiffel Tower today.


Q1: ___________________________________ ?


A1: ___________________________________ .

Q2: ___________________________________ ?


A2: ___________________________________ .