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 Grapevine Student's Books

by Peter Viney & Karen Viney

Grapevine is a three-level course in British English running from complete beginner level to pre-intermediate level. Each level consists of 40 units, each of which takes a double-page spread. It is an extremely comprehensive series, which includes an integrated (but optional) video element, as well as a built-in extensive reading component, a listening development syllabus, tests and a Workbook which goes far beyond the basic exercises associated with Workbooks.

The video component can be used as an independent course. See also the newly published parallel series English Channel which shares a syllabus with Grapevine, and supports the course with new videos.


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A note from a user (February 2008):

Dear Peter & Karen,

After some 13 years of using the Grapevine series, I must admit it's unbeatable in its light vein, very well thought out sequencing of grammar items and the way in which they are presented.

Your book helped me to learn how English should be taught. I became famous in my area among young and mature learners. I was running a large EU educational project in Southern Poland - your Grapevine worked perfectly everywhere.

I've been a university teacher for 10 years specializing in methodology and happily show future teachers very successful solutions from your course. Thank you.
Dr Anatol Shevel
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski


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