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ELT by Peter Viney & Karen Viney articles

Introduction to in English article By Peter Viney Introduction to the new in English course by Peter Viney & Karen Viney (PDF download 752K) added 06/2004

in English & Streamline English article By Peter Viney in English and Streamline (PDF download 115K) added 06/2004

A Grand Day Out article By Peter Viney article on the new Wallace & Gromit adaptation added 06/2004

Using English Channel with In English reference charts added 2/2005


in English Elementary article By Peter Viney Article about the new in English Elementary course book (PDF download 224K) added 06/2004

Interview with Vineys about in English By Peter Viney & Karen Viney Interview with Peter Viney and Karen Viney (PDF download 93K) added 06/2004

In English Pre-Intermediate article by Peter Viney & Karen Viney

added 2 / 2005

Autobiographical notes on Peter Viney at MacmillanEnglish.com

added 4/05

course articles

Who is Handshake For? By Peter Viney & Karen Viney From the Handshake Teacher's Book.

English Channel article By Peter Viney An illustrated guide to this exciting new video series.

Handshake Workbook article By Peter Viney A look at Handshake Workbook.

Handshake sample unit article By Peter Viney  & Karen Viney Article on Handshake with sample material.


Grapevine article By Peter Viney An illustrated guide to the Grapevine series.

New American Streamline article By Peter Viney The origins of the second edition of American Streamline.

Streamline English article
By Peter Viney An illustrated history of Streamline with notes on its origins and pilot edition.

Survival English article By Peter Viney Tracing the origins of the course, with a short tribute to co-author John Curtin


"To what extent should I use the students' native language in class?" By Peter Viney

"What are ways to introduce pronunication exercises in lessons?" By Peter Viney

"How do I decide on the textbook for my new class?" By Peter Viney

Teacher Independence By Peter Viney The role of Teacher's materials, and why they should open possibilities rather than being a straitjacket. With special relevance to Grapevine.

Preparing a Reading Scheme By Peter Viney Background to the Storylines graded reading scheme.

Why use CDs in class? By Peter Viney Article on the advantages of CDs over cassettes.

Peter Viney & Karen Viney biography

Drama Evenings Article By Peter Viney Article about the ACEG Drama Evenings of the 1970s.

An Author Responds By Peter Viney Published in “Between The Keys” The Newsletter of the JALT Material Writers SIG,Volume VII, Number 2, Summer 1999.

"A coursebookwriter / coarse book-writer responds…"Article by Peter Viney originally for TEFL Farm

In Your Town By Peter Viney A list of all the towns and countries where Peter Viney has spoken.

Time for a song By Peter Viney Songs in the ELT classroom,with reference section on Grapevine songs.

video articles

Article on A Close Shave By Peter Viney

English Channel 3: Double Identity wins an IVCA award!

Double Identity Article By Peter Viney  A Comprehensive guide to English Channel Three: Double Identity with in-depth information on the Student's and Teacher's books.

Integrating Videos from different series By Peter Viney Reference chart   covering all of our video materials.

Find the right video By Peter Viney How to choose videosfor teaching particular structures.

Techniques for teaching with video
By Peter Viney & Karen Viney Adapted from the introductions to English Channel, but with relevance to teaching any video material.

Non-authentic video for ELT By Peter Viney  A defence of structured video materials. First published in the JALT Newsletter, Japan. Course Articles


A short history of Dennis Cook By Peter Viney Article tracing the career of the popular character from Grapevine Videos and English Channel 1 and 2.

On location with Grapevine 3 By Peter Viney Background information about the filming of Grapevine 3.

English Channel 1 Photo Guide An episode by episode photo guide to English Channel 1

English Channel 2 Photo Guide An episode by episode photo guide to English Channel 2

English Channel 3 Photo Guide An episode by episode photo guide to English Channel 3

Only in America Photos! Exclusive! An episode by episode Photo guide to Only in America

Using English Channel with In English. Reference charts and syllabus guide.

The Wrong Trousers Interview Peter Viney & Karen Viney interviewed by Nicola Young for the OUP website. Articles on this site are changed on a regular basis, so we wanted to keep a copy here.   Interview with Peter Viney by ELT News 2000
Reviews Page Reviews of ELT materials by Peter Viney and Karen Viney.    
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