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> English Channel Videos


There are three videos:

English Channel One

English Channel Two

English Channel Three - Double Identity.

One and Two consist of eight short videos.

Three has a continuing story divided into eight episodes.

See How to Use English Channel with the In English series

> English Channel Student's Book

The Student's Book contains for each of the eight videos:

Watching the Video

Four pages of activities for classroom exploitation. Though these could be done in a single classroom lesson, we recommend allowing a double lesson (90 to 100 minutes) for the exploitation of the video.

In general, the activities follow this format:



Viewing of the complete episode:

• Pre-tasks (Before you watch)

• Watch the whole episode

• Post-tasks (After you watch)



This example is from English Channel One, video three, "Ken's Kitchen"

English Channel 1 page 20


At this level, it is generally best to let students see the whole episode. If you are using the video at higher levels, you might choose to exploit it section by section without this initial global viewing. In some units, where there is value in preserving the mystery, we suggest exploiting section by section without the initial viewing of the complete episode.



English Channel 1 page 61

The episode is then divided into sections (usually four) for detailed exploitation. Each section consists of:

• Pre-tasks (Before you watch)

• Watch the section

• While you watch activity (optional)

• Post-tasks (After you watch)


This example is from English Channel One, video eight, "Robin Hood"




• Watch the whole episode again.

It's most important to let students watch the whole episode again, so that they can feel how much their comprehension has increased as a result of the exploitation tasks. This may be followed by a post task.




This activity invites students to speculate on things which are not seen (but are implied) in the video. It also suggests role plays, discussion and other activities springing from the theme of the video.

This example is from English Channel One, video seven, "Inspector Grant: On the Beach"

If you simply follow the activities suggested, you will have a thorough exploitation of the materials.

If you have more time with video, you can add some of the activities suggested below under Teaching with video: some techniques.

English Channel 1 page 55




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