Handshake Sample Unit

A year before publication, a full sample of unit one was distributed and piloted, complete with audio recordings. We received detailed page-by-page comments.

You can see the original cover - this was going to be silver metallic at one stage.

Here's an example of a major change. When we tested FORMS OF ADDRESS, we realized that the humorous dialogue did not match up with the serious setting given in the photograph. It was decided to commission a cartoon which was deliberately "over the top" so that students had a clear signal - this is a funny dialogue! It's not a real situation. It was also important to clarify points in the dialogue - it was a motorway, it was dark, wet and crowded and the driver had a broken rear light.

Early Handshake cover
Sample 'Forms of Address' illustration  

Even though the style of HANDSHAKE is mainly photographic, we felt this could only be illustrated with a drawing. We asked for (and got) Ed McLachlan. Ed did many of the upper level Streamline Workbooks illustrations. He has been a famous and popular cartoonist for years, and when I was at university I used to cut-out and keep great cartoons. I found the scrapbook recently, and Ed's work featured heavily.


In unit one, Greetings, we wanted to show that "How are you?" is a formula, not a real question. So we decided to show someone in hospital replying, 'Fine.' We decided that the humour needed to be more pointed, so in the final edition we substituted a photograph from the film, 'Catch 22'. This time, there's no way the patient could mean 'fine!'

Final 'Forms of Address' illustration
Handshake sample illustration Handshake final illustration Handshake Page



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