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 EFL Gazette short review by Pete Sharma

Title: In English pre-intermediate

Publisher: OUP

Author: Peter Viney and Karen Viney

ISBN: 0-19-434064-3


  In English wears its methodological heart on its sleeve – a well-sequenced grammar syllabus which addresses simple tenses and then proceeds to structures such as type 1 and 2 conditionals. Plenty of practice is offered in discrete areas of language. One example is a simple yet effective exercise on should where learners can express opinions on cancelling the debt of poor countries, on genetically modified foods, etc. This is engaging and challenging. The thirty units of In English weave together grammatical structures with functions, topics and skills work. The book is bristling with photographs, pictures, cartoons and diagrams. The content is varied and interesting. As with previous books in this series, the students' book is pocket sized – which may not suit everyone. Two practice books for grammar and vocabulary are ideal for self study. Of note is the long, interesting introduction in the teacher's book, which contains twenty (actually thirty) useful supplementary photocopiable activities. A comprehensive learning package.


Pete Sharma, EFL Gazette


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