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EFL Gazette 2003


Reviews in Brief

by Pete Sharma for the International English Book Centre



Do you teach low-level learners? Teaching beginners is far from easy: how much time should we spend, say, on teaching the present continuous? Many teachers would argue for a tight syllabus, sequencing grammar systematically and this thirty unit book from well-known Streamline author Peter Viney, co-written with Karen Viney, adopts such a traditional approach with a degree of success.


The illustrations in the student's book are to the high standard you would expect. It comes with an intriguing three-in-one practice pack, which bundles together a grammar practice book, a vocabulary activity book with word games, and an audio-CD. A clever plastic red square enables students to hide answers and provides a useful ‘remember and say' self-testing tool. The teacher's book is helpful and provides a bank of thirty additional photocopiable activities. A useful addition to material for beginners.

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