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ELT by Peter Viney & Karen Viney Striker

Reading and Acting the play: Notes from the book

You can read Striker silently, like any story in a book. You can imagine the court, the football game, the people’s clothes and their voices from the words on the page. You can listen to the cassette, and you can listen and read, or listen only. You can read it first, then listen to it later.
But Striker is a play. You can read the play in a group with other people. This is very different from silent reading. You can speak the words and make the people become alive. They can sound happy, sad or angry. You can add silence and important noises. You can stop and discuss the play. What does this person mean? Why does he say that?
You can have more fun if you act the play. You can put chairs and tables in places, and you can make a courtroom. Look at the picture in the book.
People always stand up when they speak in a court. The judge always sits. People look at other people, the judge, the jury and the lawyers. Lawyers hold papers. People put their hands up when they promise. You can use your hands and your face. You can smile. You can look sad or serious or worried or angry. The spectators can make noises. They can say ‘Oooh!’ and ‘Aaah!’ You can practise a play, and you can act the same page several times. There are more Penguin Readers Plays. Perhaps you can read the play in front of another group. Perhaps they can read a different play in front of your group.
You can read Striker or you can act Striker, but have fun and enjoy it!

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