An easily digested feast

Grapevine by Peter Viney and Karen Viney

Grapevine has been tested, or piloted, in language schools in different parts of the world- Japan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia as well as Europe - and experts in many skills have been employed by editors and the publisher. It is a light and fruity mixture and the well-concealed structured material it carries is easily digested. It is nest taken in the order set down- although units are independent.

The skills are integrated throughout the components of the course but each has its particular focus. Reading and writing are the main functions of the workbooks. The voices on the cassettes are varied and lively with music and sound effects providing light hearted and humorous material.

The Student's Book follows through 40 units, and four storied. It concludes with a list of irregular verbs, listening scripts, a vocabulary index and grammar summaries. The Teacher's Book is a chunky spiral bound manual of lesson plans providing and inviting flexibility both in its exploitation and handling. A reference section in each unit focuses on a summary of teaching points and other useful items including an interesting treatment of vocabulary used.

Students and teachers are recommended to partake liberally of all that Grapevine has to offer.

Vanessa Young
The Times Educational Supplement
Vanessa Young is ESOL Training Supervisor for the Apex Trust, Peckham, south east London

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