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22 October 2009

Image of a Fast Track To Reading CD. Five come with the book for self-study, and the recordings feature Peter Viney, Karen Viney and Terry Phillips.

21 October 2009

Peter Viney with Gordon Watts, organizer of the BELTE conference at Brighton, seen next to the Garnet Education stand.

Olly Twist of Garnet,Peter and Gordon Watts.


15 October 2009

Peter Viney will be speaking on "Getting Up To Speed: related to Fast Track to Reading at the BELTE conference in Brighton on Saturday 17th October 2009.

14 October 2009

New page added with all ten of the DVD-ROM covers for the Oxford University Press Spain self-study series My Oxford English series.


These are the covers for Level 1 and Level 10:

The new page has everything between.


4 October 2009

Fast Track to Reading has just been published by Garnet Education.

See www.garneteducation.com for more information.

1 October 2009

My Oxford English self-study program has been launched in Spain. See the OUP Spain website:


We wrote all of the eighty comedy video sketches for this, eight at each of ten levels. There are a number of continuing themes in a carefully-structured progression from simple to complex. The accompanying exercises are English / Spanish.

June 2009

Many of our titles have been put out of print simultaneously by Oxford University Press. These include Streamline English (but not New American Streamline), Grapevine, the Storylines series of Graded Readers, and most of our video courses … A Weekend Away, A Week By The Sea, Mystery Tour, Grapevine 1 to 3 and English Channel 1 to 3.

Try Amazon or BEBC at www.bebc.co.uk for any remaining copies.

We cannot supply copies ourselves unfortunately.

7 March 2009

Peter Viney is talking at the ENGLISH UK conference in Birmingham at 14.00. The topic is Fast Track to Reading his forthcoming book for Garnet Education, which is designed to teach initial reading to students unfamiliar with the Roman alphabet, as well as to improve reading speeds for students whose L1 does not use the Roman alphabet.

6 February 2009

THINK TANK has restarted on the ELT News site in Japan. This monthly feature has regular contributions from Peter Viney. ELT News is available on this link.

29 February 2008

We received the following kind comment from Poland on Grapevine:

Dear Peter & Karen,

After some 13 years of using the Grapevine series, I must admit it's unbeatable in its light vein, very well thought out sequencing of grammar items and the way in which they are presented.

Your book helped me to learn how English should be taught. I became famous in my area among young and mature learners. I was running a large EU educational project in Southern Poland - your Grapevine worked perfectly everywhere.

I've been a university teacher for 10 years specializing in methodology and happily show future teachers very successful solutions from your course. Thank you.
Dr Anatol Shevel
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski

30 January 2008

Chinese edition of Striker published by Penguin in association with Beijing World Publishing Corporation.

22 December 2007

Article by Peter in English Teaching Professional Issue 54, January 2008 on teaching colours.

25 November 2007

We've just received this photo from Brigatta Pomazi in Hungary. It was taken after our talk at Richard College in Bournemouth in July 2005.

24 November 2007

Peter has an article in the About Language section of Modern English Teacher Volume 16 Number 4 (October 2007) on "Do I Have … or Have I Got … News For You: What's The Difference."

Modern English Teacher website

4 October 2007

More information on "Striker" by Peter & Karen Viney (Penguin English Reader) at Pearson Asia website. Review of Striker

20 September 2007

Peter and Karen are speaking on "The Visual Dimension at the Lower Levels" at Oxford House, Teachers Club, 28 Market Place, London W1 at 7 pm.

10 May 2007

Peter and Karen spoke on "The Visual Dimension at the Lower Levels" for the Oxford Teachers Club, 111 Banbury road, Oxford.

8 April 2007

We just noticed this excellent review of Handshake on Amazon:

***** (5 stars) A compendium of colourful commercial content and context!, 1 Dec 2001
Reviewer: A reader
Handshake is the bible for any person, whether they be teacher or student, with a focus on the business world and requirements of the professional!
The pages are attractively laid out and easy to follow as each category is clearly defined, for example presenting information or expressing emotions.

Each unit incorporates an extensive summary of the grammar covered, complete with exercises set in relevant business contexts. I have used this book on a regular basis for a range of pre-intermediate to advanced students (even of a most discerning nature) and all have been suitably impressed by the relevance of the contents to their business and social lives!

As a business teacher for the last ten years, both in the UK and abroad, I cannot rate this book highly enough and would recommend this as the first book to accompany either teacher or student on their journey into the world of business communication!

2 April 2007

Peter Viney has two articles in "Folio" The Journal of the Materials Development Association. They are in Volume 11.2, April 2007. One is "Author Test" answering questions set by Dorothy Zeemach. The other is the Spotlight on An Author feature. MATSDA's website is at www.matsda.org.uk

27 September 2006

Peter and Karen will be giving their talk on "English as a Funny Language: A History of ELT Dialogue" at St. Giles College in Brighton on November 4th.

17 September 2006

Peter Viney's article in English Teaching Professional, Issue 46, September 2006, 'Fixing a Hole' on the 'future perfect progressive passive'! For subscription information see.www.etprofessional.com

12 September 2006

A new Italian edition of A Grand Day Out has just been published. It's in the New English Zone series and the DVD comes with the Activity Book in a single package. The instructions for activities throughout are in Italian. ISBN 019-473019-0.

This edition is only available in Italy.

5 September 2006

Peter Viney's article in Modern English Teacher Vol 15 No 3, July 2006 issue 'How not to write really rotten materials.'

Mystery Tour is now available on DVD.This free standing intermediate video was Highly Commended in the Duke of Edinburgh Language Competition.

29 March 2006

Oxford Teachers' Academy National Conferences: Achieving Success in the European Classroom.

Peter Viney & Karen Viney will be speaking on "English As A Funny Language":

Monday 3rd April - Palermo, Astoria Palace Hotel

Tuesday 4th April - Torino, Collegio San Giuseppe

Wednesday 5th April - Verona, Parc Hotel Gritti

Thursday 6th April - Modena, Hotel Raffaello

Friday 7th April - Firenze, Istituto Salesiano

20 March 2006

New articles added to the Reviews page on In English Elementary, In English Pre-intermediate, Basic Survival and Sunnyvista City (see also below).

16 March 2006

Thursday 23rd March 2006 - Peter will be speaking on the "Visual Dimension in ELT" in Exeter in Devon. Venue is The Globe English Centre at 18.00.

15 March 2006

We found this in a large survey of graded readers at China Bookworm on the net:

"My favorite graded reader so far is Sunnyvista City , an Oxford Storylines, level 3, by Peter Viney .  The plot and sentences flow smoother than any I've read.  Even with a vocabulary of only 1000 words, the actions and explanations are clear and succinct.  The dialog is simple but crisp.  There are enough characters to flesh out the story but not so many as to overwhelm us.  The mystery unfolds at just the right pace, not so slow as to lose our interest and not so fast as to lose our comprehension."


7 March 2006

We are touring Italy with OUP during the first week in April. Look out for news of venues.

6 March 2006

We are speaking at the English UK ELT Management & Practice Conference in Birmingham, UK on Saturday 11th March, 15.45 to 17.00 as the OUP Guest Seminar. The topic is 'English As A Funny Language: A Short History of Dialogue in ELT.'

15 December 2005

More of Steve Jones's photos of the OUP Hungary Christmas Conferences can be seen on the Singlish website, at http://www.singlish.hu/index.php?id=38

There are separate pages for each venue.

5 December 2005

We're just back from a wonderful trip to Hungary. Many thanks to OUP Hungary for their organization and hospitality, to Steve Jones for his singing and participation in our dialogue talk, and thanks to the many teachers who shared their experiences of using our books. There are pictures on the 'In Your Town' section under Articles.This was the poster for the Christmas Conferences:

26 November 2005

We thought we'd share this In English Christmas card which was sent to the In English team by our designer, Richard Morris, when the Starter level was published. A Happy Christmas to you all.

25 November 2005

The Oxford Christmas conferences in Hungary feature Peter Viney & Karen Viney.

Peter will be speaking on The Visual Dimension at Lower Levels.

Peter and Karen will be speaking together on English As a Funny Language - A Short History of EFL Dialogue.

These are the venues:

Tuesday 29 November       Miskolc

Wednesday 30 November  Debrecen

Thursday 1 December        Szeged

Friday 2 December            Pécs

Saturday 3 December        Budapest

Details from OUP Hungary, Budapest: Tel: 466-7080, 372 0167

24 November 2005

DVD versions

Coming shortly!  DVD version of Only in America. This is probably our favourite video series, and features Edward Norton, just before he became famous.

English Channel 1, English Channel 2 and English Channel 3- Double Identity are also recently available on DVD, as are all three adaptations of Wallace and Gromit in A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave.

2 October 2005

We just received an e-mail from someone who hadn't realized you can access titles on our site by clicking the spines of the books on our opening page! Try it.

September 2005

The OUP website now has more sample pages up from In English Elementary and In English Pre-Intermediate e, which allow you to trace a unit through Student Book, Teacher's Book and Practice Pack.

These quotes on In English received from OUP Japan:

“I am using both the Starter edition and the Elementary edition. I feel the pedagogical approach of both is just right and the layouts and 'realia' are attractive and well-done. The content of the lessons is interesting and shows more imagination than most EFL books here. The touch of humor now and then is also important---my students were able to react to the humor without any problem. I feel Oxford has really struck it this time and can see these texts rivaling Side By Side and other big sellers. Best of luck and thanks. I'll be ordering from Oxford next year, too.”
Jeff Jones referring to In English. Assoc. Prof. Komazawa Women's Univ.


“There are so many good features but particularly it gives beginners a vision that English is achievable. I have been teaching English in Japan for seven years and this is the package that I have been waiting for. ‘In English Starter' is meticulously crafted and includes many interesting and practical exercises.”
John Curran, British English Fujisawa


  “This is it! Hallelujah! – the size is brilliant and the language focus very clear!”

Rebeccah Arthur on In English. Poole Gakuin University

August 2005

We both spoke on 'Exploring the Visual Dimension with Lower-Level Learners.'  at refresher courses for foreign teachersof English in Bournemouth, Saffron Walden and Hastings.

9 May 2005

Peter will be talking at Richard Language College, Bournemouth on Wednesday 11 May 18.30 to 20.30 on 'Exploring the Visual Dimension with Lower-Level Learners.' Pre-register with OUP or BELTA at elt.info@oup.com

7 April 2005

ESOL Core Curriculum guides for all three levels of In English are now available at the OUP website, adult courses section. Follow the links here for Starter, Elementary and Pre-intermediate.

6 April 2005

New autobiographical notes for Peter Viney at the new Macmillan website,

5 April 2005

Versions of Basic Survival and Survival English with German index, combining Student Book and Practice Book, published by Hueber as Business Elements A2 (Basic Survival) and Business Elements B1 (Survival English).

2 April 2005

We now have all components for In English Pre-Intermediate in our hands.Many thanks to all involved.

30 March 2005

Peter at Disney's California Adventure, Anaheim in March 2005. This "Streamline" train was an irresistible subject for a photo.

We spent March in Nevada, Arizona and California, taking photos of authentic signs everywhere for future reference.

14 February 2005

New information page on In English Pre-Intermediate added, with full syllabus, ISBNs and notes

Review of In English Starter from Modern English Teacher, July 2004 added to reviews section.

Reference charts on using English Channel with In English added.

17 January 2005

Review of In English Starter in TESL-EJ, December 2004 by Thinan Sangpanasthada,



'The collection is one of the finest selections to be used in the language classroom … Students at the Starter levels are presented with an academically sound, effectively organized, diverse collection of teaching and learning materials, with visual aids that are colourful, trendy, attractive and modern.'

27 November 2004

Just returned from Japan. Many thanks to the OUP Japan team for a wonderful tour. Some pictures from the tour have been added to In Your town, under articles.OUP's In English T-shirt can be seen below,

3 November 2004

Japan tour begins. You can catch us in Sapporo (7 Nov), Kyoto (British Council, 8 Nov), Kagomisha (13 Nov), Fukuoka (14 Nov), Kitakyushu (15 Nov), Osaka (British Council, 17 Nov), Nagoya (British Council 18 Nov), JALT conference at Nara (19-22 Nov), Tokyo (British Council, 23 Nov) and Maruzen bookshop (24 Nov). Please make yourself known.

11 October

Thanks to all the teachers who attended the very busy OUP Teacher development days and especially for the many kind comments on Streamline and Grapevine.

29 September 2004 Dates for London (Saturday 9th October) and Manchester (Sunday 10th October) at the OUP days in each location.

28 September 2004 Photos of Peter, and of Peter and Karen from IATEFL-Poland in Radom added to the In Your Town pages under articles. We both enjoyed the conference very much and enjoyed meeting so many Polish teachers.

21 August 2004 Forthcoming talks: Peter Viney will be speaking at IATEFL Poland, in their conference in Radom, weekend of September 17th -19th 2004. He will also be speaking at OUP days in London and Manchester in October.

20 August 2004 Check out recent issues of Modern English Teacher for full reviews of In English Starter (Volume 13 #3, July 2004) and A Grand Day Out (Volume 13 #2 April 2004). The review of In English Starter ends: 'I am very impressed with it, and strongly supportive of the aims of the authors. In my view it is the best of the Starter Level books we have trialled so far.' (Audrey Aitken, British Council, Bangkok).

14 July 2004   We are in the studio this week, doing the audio recordings for In English Pre-Intermediate which will be published at the beginning of 2005.As on the previous two levels, Karen Viney and Chris Owen are recording the audio exercises for the student CD. A team of great actors will be doing the class CD.

7 July 2004   Forthcoming talks by Peter Viney for Autumn 2004 include IATEFL Poland in September and JALT in Nara, Japan, November 2004.

2 July 2004   DVDs are being published by OUP for all three of our Wallace and Gromit ELT adaptations. These will be published simultaneously and will include the option of on-screen English language subtitles as well as the facility to access individual episodes and the teaching sections within episodes. Many users have requested DVDs.

1 July 2004   Reviews of A Close Shave and A Grand Day Out added. February 2000 article A Coursebook writer / coarse book-writer responds … added. This was originally linked from the tefl-farm website, which has ceased to exist.

30 June 2004 - Site redesign with new navigation. Added an in English page. Added New Survival English page, a re-designed Wallace & Gromit ELT adaptations page with A Grand Day Out. Added a page for Striker, the Penguin Reader by Peter Viney and Karen Viney. Added a messageboard and new articles.

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