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English Channel 3 has been designed at pre-intermediate / intermediate level. The video can be used at higher levels by amending the tasks. This is generally true of video material. The structural elements are listed below.


Prediction, speculation and deduction. Study skills.
Indirect questions and statements; present perfect continuous; reflexive and emphatic pronouns; Roman numerals; ought to; passive v active (reviewed). Extension: Background information
Relative pronouns; Introductory adverbs; what as a connector; shall; 'd better
Extension: Forms of address Communication skill: degrees of formality
Active and passive; indefinite pronouns; verb + infinitive; indefinite pronoun + infinitive; noun + infinitive; future continuous
Extension: Feelings Communication skill: expressing emotion
Past perfect; past perfect and past simple; past perfect continuous; where as a relative; two and three word verbs; will be able to / will have to
Extension: Newspaper reports Communication skill: comparing viewpoints
Conditional- type 1; conditional - type 2; If I were you … ; reporting (I thought … / I knew …); mathematics
Extension: Communication skill: presentations
Reported statements (say, tell); reported statements (said, told); reported wh- questions (asked); reported yes / no questions; reporting time words
Extension: Plot summary. Communication skill: summarising
Speculation, deduction; mustSeven or eightve been etc; it depends ; A friend of (mine) etc.
Extension: Appearance Communication skill: judging by appearance
Conditional form of modal verbs; would have done, should have done; conditional- type 3; should in formal style; intensifiers; although
Extension: What next?


Using English Channel on its own
English Channel may be used as a free-standing short course, taking anywhere between twenty four and forty eight classroom hours to complete.

A typical question is something like "I only have 32 (30, 36 …) hours for the entire course. I don't have space in that for video." When you look at the motivation video provides, you will want to find time. Another idea for a 36 hour course is to use only a video course. This seems radical, but in (e.g.) "English Channel" each episode has four pages in the Student Book for classroom exploitation of the video, but it also has four more pages of work which can be done in a room without a TV. You can easily base an entire short course around a video without extra materials.

It is ideal for short intensive courses with all age groups.

In a school situation, it may be useful as a short introductory course in situations where pupils have come from different schools or classes, and have differing levels of English. As a short, stimulating course it will help to consolidate a general body of knowledge. It may be also useful as material to complete a year's work.
Using English Channel as supplementary material
English Channel can be used as a supplement to any pre-intermediate / intermediate course. If it is done quickly, and extra discussion generated from the Teacher's notes it can be used at higher levels also.

We have been careful to ensure that the teaching points for each video are transparent. There is no continuing story, so that the order can be adapted to suit the progression of any course at the level.

The syllabus is based on
Grapevine III and Main Street 5 and 6 by Peter Viney & Karen Viney. These have their own parallel video materials, but English Channel can be used instead of, or additionally to these.
Integration with Grapevine Videos
The same actors (Steve Steen & Jim Sweeney) appear in the Grapevine videos. The following integration chart may prove useful. The video unit numbers do not correspond as Grapevine videos were designed to precede each unit of five lessons, whereas English Channel was designed to follow each group of equivalent syllabus elements.

At this level, it is harder to equate more than the principal structural content. See the chart below. Minor points of structure will differ.

Main Teaching Point

English Channel Three

Grapevine Three

General review of assumed knowledge


1 Dennis Cook’s Party

Indirect questions, statements Present perfect continuous

Episode 1

2 The Cricket Match

Relative clauses with who, which, that

Episode 2

3 No Vacancies

Passives in a variety of tenses

Episode 3

4 ETV South-West News

Past perfect

Episode 4

5 Princess Calling

Conditionals 1 & 2

Episode 5

6 A Glastonbury Tale

Reported speech

Episode 6

7 Love in A Garden

Deduction and speculation (must have done etc)

Episode 7

8 Eddie Barber- Private Eye

Conditional type 3

Episode 8



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